Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Election commisioners in India.

Panjab has elections coming in next three months.

With the current chief minister his son and other members of his family treating state as private property, all were concerned how Panjab  will have free and fair elections.The State government is filled wit political cronies and even the Badal family has accumlated a wealth much higher than their income.They have used the state to enhance their political agenda and has tried to use thye government to enhance their political aspirations.
Panjab has father son team of Chief minister and Deputy chief minister.One of the daughter in laws is a member of Parliament.By any standards of fair governance it seems like a very bad system.Yes i will agree most of the family members were elected by their constituents.Badals have also alienated many different sections of society.In the elections of the Sri Gurudwara Prabhandak commitee Badals had alienated clean shaven sikhs by not allowing them to vote.Which was thrown out by the courts and most likely the elections will be voided.
Under these circumstances they have hijacked slogans of Sikhism as their political slogans and have put them onstate documents with impunity. d

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