Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Political reform In India

The problem in India is that the power lies in the party high commands .Its like we can not make changes in our system without changing the structure and power of political parties.All the national and regional candidates are chosen by high command of parties and their chosen state committees.For a small country it may be ok to find and elect leaders in the nation that way.fOR A COUNTRY LIKE iNDIA IT IS ABOUT TIME THAT this be removed from the system.

Power to the citizen can come only if we implement The primary elections in our system. Foer the people who do not know the primary system.It is the process where people compete for leadership positions inside the parties.Openly and in a transparent political process.This will also make belonging to a district relevent.One of the requirements could be that residence must be in district and must live minimum of 90 days before submitting the papers for any post.How it works is that if you are a public servant activist or otherwise a concerned citizens of a community one can compete to be candidate for the parliament in one of the several parties and all the citizens have a party affiliation which they can change by giving 30 day notice.They may choose to remain unaffiliated.So a popular candidate can beet high command candidate in open election and be chosen as party candidate who truely represents his or her district and during after serving his term of office will return to community with experience to serve better.

This will correct other problem where candidates run for two or more offices Simultaneously. Costing the excheckser people time and money.Elections should be regular at fixed time like in usa Every 5 years on certain dates.If need be they may be held at four times(staggered) in the same year to control law and order and

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