Thursday, December 17, 2015

how much our government spends per person

I decided  to figure the  expenses per person by our government.

FOR EVERY CITIZEN OF USA  federal government spends 12000 dollars per year.It is lot of money.As an ordinary citizen unless you are on medicare,medicaid,food stamps or a government employee federal government does not do much for you.I mean directly for you.

Our state of RI spends 8 billion per year for its close to a million residents.That comes out to 8000 dollars per resident per year.This tax is collected by gas taxes,tobacco part of liquor and sales taxes of 7 percent.Our state also has a income tax rate of 3.99 to 6.99 percent.

I was also looking for the budget of Our capital city Providence with a population of 177000.with a budget of around 996 million we spend about 4000 dollars per person for the expenses.

So if add federal state and city per person expenses 12000 plus 8000 plus 4000 it is 24000 per year per person.
Now everyone can figure out if you are contributing to the government or are using it.Just for starters  if you are on medicare it costs about 12000 a year to the government for the health coverage it provides everyone over 65.If you are student .we pay about 14000 per year for the public school education.If you get social security .It is also paid by federal government.

Hope every body thinks about our budgets.Just to put the big budget items in perspective.

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