Saturday, April 2, 2016

yeh bhi jaroori to hei

Soon India will have a super fast train between New Delhi and Agra. This non stop train will go upto 160 KM per hour and will travel 200 Km in 100 Minutes.This fast train will cost rupee 690 for a chair seat.And double for the executive seat.

The train is named Gatiman Express.

It is very interesting to note that a regular train which takes 8 hours or more to travel same distance costs only 45 rupees and will have 27 stops.

I think  More buses can be used for distances less than 100 Km reducing the need for frequent stops for trains.

If you ever want to see India .One of the best journeys may be 48 hour train ride . I will always remember my train travel from Moriani Assam to new Delhi .I had all the train musicians entertain all and loved it . It was fun most of the musicians i paid 100 rupees. Best money i spent. !0 rupees cup of tea and 20 rs breakfast and 40 rupees lunch and dinner. this was only 3 years ago.

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