Friday, January 30, 2009

Ghandigiri may be time to combine with Kinggiri

Thoughts on masters in Ghandigiri. It is a study in how the courses can be modified to be made schools more useful and scholars employable.Gandhian thinkers worldwide should be tapped for input. Ideas are powerful things.Is it possible that our government is just giving lip service to Gandhian ideas.We do not want to implement them. Most our temples have gone in disrepair and Poojaris have many times become beggars.Learning of scriptures have lost the charm.We are loosing knowledge embedded in them .Sanskrit is dying.Sanskrit scholars make much less money than English language scholars. Why this mistreatment.These languages have not only benefit for preserving knowledge but most of European languages Parent(Sanskrit ) is sick no body is paying enough attention.Nation building is very difficult task.There is need for comprehensive plan for development.If we can think it we can do it.All important ideas should be executed.

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