Friday, January 30, 2009

Men and women going out together.

About men and women going out together.

It is a challenge.What has happened in America 30 to 50 years ago is happening in India today lets look at it and solve the problems before they become large.At one time America had total Prohibition in 1920 by constitution. It had to be changed . State can not prohibit all the activities which are fun.If it does so it becomes like Taliban and Queida.
Evolution of women's rights have made it possible for society to benefit from their energies and wisdom.It is empowerment of the female of homosapiens which is revolutionising the society.Anybody who has worked with women know's that they have higher capacity to work,organise and at the same time take care of household(may be nesting instincts.)Old modes of arranged marriage are disappearing.Now time has come that we provide safe and wholesome avenues for young adults of our society to meet and know each other to form couples .We need to remove Taboos about sex for adults.You agree or not all our fore bearers had sex for us to be born.It is time that men and women learn to make friends with opposite sex and hopefully find
partners in the process. Arranged marriages served east and west for two millennium and now when world populations are on verge of shrinking we should look at the option of selecting spouse and may be we can find a better system. I am hopeful that for many independent souls it will be right way.

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