Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My visit To white house and washington dc.

It seems like long time ago in the presidency of first George Bush Herbert Walker.I was very involved in campaign of congress woman Claudine Schneider of Rhode Island.She had become a friend.I attended most of her fund raisers.Most of the cabinet had visited Rhode island and i got the opportunity to meet them.It included Libby Dole, and secretary baker,Andrew card and others.I do not know how, may be on Claudine's recommendation i was asked to join NERC ( new England republican council)I assume an ad hock body of important new England Republicans. Then i received an invitation to go to white house for two days of acquainting the politics of dc. we were introduced to republican national committee members, our senators and congressmen .We were briefed . we met our own two republican congressman.High lights of the visit were visiting vice presidents office without him being there though we met him separately.

Visit to State Department was also unique will write about it separately.While participating in this trip i became aware that i did not have any memorabilia or proof that i was here.So In the evening while having cocktails at the Indian Treaty room I asked a server to give me napkins and plastic clear cups with white house logo.Which he obliged .They have been a conversation piece as well as discussion subject while talking with young people .

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