Sunday, February 22, 2009

Congress woman Claudine Schneider & Ambassador Abid Hussain of India

It must be in 1990 or so no body was as aware of environmental issues as today.I remember dad(Arvind Chaudhary)setting up a luncheon meeting with india's ambassador and congress woman Claudine Schneider (R) (ri) .Dad had a very close relationship with Claudine Schneider.I got lucky and was the person coordinating this meeting .Few of the things stand out from this meeting.Claudine Schneider hosted this luncheon in US senate dining hall. Which is reserved for only congressmen (person).To enforce they mandate that the bills be charged to congress persons personal account.By the way we met Congress woman Barbara Mclowski(now senator ) in the same dining room with congress woman Patricia Schroder and one more congress woman whose names I can not recall.It seemed that all these earlier congress woman even though from different parties had close informal personal relationship.What stands out most from this meeting is the gift Claudine Schneider gave to the Ambassador it was a a high efficiency light bulb, the ones you can screw in and use 1/8 of energy than a traditional bulb.Now a days these are common and then she had said that using this kind of devices , can reduce our energy needs.She had suggested it then ,i wonder if ambassadorHusain did anything with this suggestion.
Other thing what ambassador was surprised and amused by is US supreme court ruling that Burning of US flag was a legal form of protest.He strongly disagreed with it but respected their decision.I in my humble way explained him supreme court logic for this ruling.We have several such decisions relating separation of church and state and prayer in school.
Ambassador was also surprised by large number of blacks in most of the jobs in city.Once I explained to him that DC was very high in native black population (may be 80% at that time). Many whites in town were not native they were people in federal and international services and foreigners.Most of the service jobs were not high paying so only local people who had connections and home could afford to do them. I hope I helped in his learning of America, He sure was quick study.He and my dad would be pleased and surprised that we have a president with African father and mid western mother in 2008. I see a great hope for first generation Americans from all nations.

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