Saturday, February 21, 2009

We need to shed colonial influences

China after communism made its policy to include every part of its neighborhood in its political china, even the areas they had only seen in the map.So in spite of having not strong ties to Tibet it incorporated all of it into its territory.It also asked and got Hong Kong which has little common with communist china returned to it by another colonist power Britain .Britain govt of India act of 1937 has defined India in current context .India by accepting partition accepted only Independence from Britain and does not accept all the other paraphernalia.It is time that Political India defines itself in historical sense as well as political sense.
In advanced developed societies it would not matter what the political state structure is it is disappearing.State for individuals is becoming mute in western European context.This is only 70 years after having fought second world war.
More rights to individuals is the mantra. Knowledge will set you free.State will have to protect vulnerable people from exploitation and defend it from internal and external enemies and help educate and provide opportunity for all the youth.

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