Friday, February 20, 2009

Our agenda looking forward in armed forces

In Democracy and with all Volunteer forces we ask a lot from Soldiers and their families .They deserve best our country can offer.Simple theories of economics prove that Materially we can only provide what our society can afford ,naturally in times of crisis we have to provide all we can.It seems will be very difficult to implement draft( mandatory service )because of diversity in society and its temperament.Minimally we can have every 17 year old take physical exams and know their physical fitness status and as part of learning Six months compulsory training in physical preparedness .Adjusting the school calendar for it . Then every year two months in summer and winter alternately military training.Increase the ranks of officers to double of current.Implement mandatory pension at 60 with the minimum payment.As life expectancy increases this minimum age can be increased.A pension for sick and disabled is also needed.These all things particularly preparing database is possible using these young people .Provide 100million laptops in 5 years at current cost$200EACH IT WILL BE 4 billion dollars yearly .we will have to bite the bullet and do it

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