Thursday, February 19, 2009

Three Land routes to Afganistan is win win win

Afghanistan has been part of British India along with Burma and what is Bangladesh and Pakistan.Today's India has close relationship with Afghanistan.T his relationship is centuries old and has continued after the independence.Many Afghans have studied in India like its current president. Currently I sense a resentment forMr Karzai in public and media. We should not look at these nations as our protectorates to build and destroy at our pleasure.Leaders of these nations when nurtured become like your grown children ,who do not always obey. Any American leader looking at this area should know the historic ties of this region with a broader view.Hindukush mountains are long called that. Hinduism, Buddhism and even older traditions have prevailed in the region for long time.It is birth place of one of the oldest continuous civilisations.

It should be battle against terrorism and fundamentalism .

Afghanistan has now three land routes to connect with the rest of the world.One old one through Khyber pass and Pakistan's Taliban's region.Second is the one Russians used . India helped build a road which connects with a land route through Iran.It is great progress for Afghanistan . All the three are important for progress of Afghanistan.People in north have ties to former Soviet Republics .Soviet invasion had exposed people to this culture. Pakistan has exploited and abused the long established land route and had blackmailed NATO,US and Afghanistan for basic commodities .Now these three routes make development more possible for Afghanistan.Good day for Afghanistan is when many international players want to help it develop and most of the nations involved only want that it does not become haven for terror network.

India ,United states ,Russia, Pakistan ,UK,Spain.All have suffered from it.Iran has not helped terrorist in Afghanistan as they see Taliban and AL Qaeda as their enemy .Taliban have killed many Shia Muslims and alienated Iran. THREE ROUTES SPELL WIN WIN WIN FOR AFGHAN'S

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