Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taliban and Al Qeida want power

Ideology of Taliban and Al Qeida is power by any means.This is no ordinary power ,but total power which can put most megalomaniacs to shame.Its build on myth and promotion of myth. Illiterates of frontier provinces of Pakistan and Afghanistan still believe that Mullah Omar has special power given by god as he could wear a robe worn by Mohd, without any harm to him. This all falls in the line of shenanigans ,like the ones played by Saddam of getting Quran written in his blood(few pints donated ) .This type action create a sympathetic feeling among people.
Failure of US and its allies to capture and kill Osama and Omar helps to continue this myth.It is imperative that legitimate Governments Stop with force support of militants and intimidation by them.First Job of any government is to protect its people from agression and abuse.Which in return will improve law and order and support from the ordinary citizen.In the wake of militancy no civil society can exist.
These organisations are very good at changing colors,strategies and are able to confuse the issues .It is important that for the benefit of the ordinary citizen public should not fall for it.They always want to connect other issues to confuse the public. No body has said why their are no human rights in many middle eastern countries.Israel Palestinian issues are highlighted nobody talks about waste of oil wealth by these nations.Kashmir is always listed as causes of India Pakistan conflict where are the rights of ordinary Pakistanis.Where is education of masses.
Mr Obama put it nicely to all the world you and us will be judged by what we build not what we destroy.I think this was a direct Jab at Taliban for destroying Bhagram Buddhas.

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