Tuesday, February 17, 2009

transparency in indian government

In India they passed a bill RTI act 2005 making information about most government activities available to public.One of the most interesting cases filed under this act is by my cousin Major Guneet Chaudhay(retd) of jurisprudence a law firm in Chandigarh.Gunneet is a very unique character He is ex military officer,ex civil servant and an Indian supreme court attorney.
Guneet has filed this case to ask about finances of AWWA( army wives welfare association) A quasi military organisation which uses military resources and does for the benefit of service personnel and their dependents.By its charter wives of high ranking officers are automatically selected its leaders and many spouses of officers and soldiers are serving in underling positions almost because they are married to lower ranking officers in service.Indian military like most is very top heavy but their is no need for the service organisations to be so.He has raised these questions to shed light on this organisation.If government is spending money ,it should have accounting for it .We should not form long term ad hock organisations for serving essential government functions.For taking care of service personnel govt must take responsibility for it .If govt structure are cumbersome efforts must be in removing the barriers not in building quasi govt organisation.If need be a high ranking panel of officers(ex) should help cut this red tape and provisions made to provide immediate services to needy.
By making role of AWWA clear to public we serve public and soldier alike.If government is not doing enough it should be brought to attention.Competency over connections can serve us well.
Wives of officers can play very active role they should become a lobbying organisation for the dependents to our elected leaders .They should keep their hands clean of any public funds and spend only funds raised by their group for any administrative expenses.A little thoughtful planning will increase respect for the leaders of AWWA. Good luck.
His email address is guneetchaudhary@gmail.com.

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