Friday, February 6, 2009

Strange laws Sharia in Afganistan

A liberal mind can not understand the Sharia law which will punish its follower in good standing to death for failing to include original verses of Arabic text in it translation of Koran into local languages.

Story goes that some body in a zeal to promote learning and understanding of Koran translated it and through mosque collected funds to print and distribute the same at no charge.

As about 1000 copies were printed and distributed .The busy bodies brought charges against all who helped including Imam, translator, printer and all the poor people involved with this distribution of knowledge.Many of these people are under the threat of death sentence.Is it the Afghanistan we are creating and is this the society we are supporting?

Where are the moderate Muslims .Please speak up before you all are completely silenced .Silence makes you accomplices.It will give the Islams demagogues great joy to put these people to death to intimidate the public.Moral and human dignity requires that all of us along with civil society leaders speak up against hijacking of legal system by these enemies of society what ever clothing they may be wearing.

I am asking Mr. Karzai to throw this case out and prohibit this kind of cases to come to the court while country is burning.We in the west need to talk with one voice that this type of case has NO MERIT in this time.

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