Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Dad's guru told him on their first meeting.

My Dad was a magnanimous man .He had good ideas,great desire to learn and make changes around him.He wanted his children to do well .Dad had a child like curiosity.His desire to share his experiences and love for humanity was really great.He believed we all should do what ever we can for the weakest among us.I am sharing this as everyone who know's about guru and follower tradition of India will tell you about mysticism and mystery connected to that relationship.
This must be in around 1966 .My dad on recommendation of his boss R Prasad(who later became a great family friend) took meditation from one of Anand Marga Avadhuta(monks) and was practicing it.We all participated in meditation,we were participants not followers.
Soon there was natural disaster in Bihar and dad with help of others collected about thousand recycled (shoddy) blankets for the relief .The enthusiasm and love he showed for this work will always stay with me.Guru ( P R Sarkar) was visiting the area and a large collective meditation (Dharam Maha Chakar)was planned. Dad got an opportunity to accompany Guru .

This gregarious of a man was told "when he met anybody , he should greet the other person before the other person did so". Dad who probably did this anyway now consciously did it.His greeting of Namashkar (I bow my head to divinity in you and recognise our unity).He overcame all by his unconditional love.In his funeral in Providence so many different type of people came.Many of them have become my friends and mentors.
I am sharing this episode so all who knew him may benefit from this advise of his guru.

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