Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trial of circus elephant handlers

It is quite interesting that certain entities and individuals have taken on the cause of animal rights.Peta comes to mind.People for ethical treatment of animals.They are well known for nude
models protesting in central squares against Animal fur and for Vegetarianism.I am a eggo-
Lacto vegetarian .I believe it is ecologically and may be for human health also better to be vegetarian. We live in a society where millions of animals are slaughtered for food.The issues are being raised about cruel or lessor cruel ways of killing same animals.Billions of dollars are spent for pets and still we can not spend 50 cents a day on a child in far flung corner of world so that she may become a productive strong member of the society.That is subject of separate discussion.
Now back to Elephants.They are largest mammal on ground.Majestic and powerful in appearance and presence.Man has domesticated them and trained them to serve us(collective)
The techniques to train elephants are long tested and are known to the experts in the field. I would suggest that only people in elephant training field should judge if practices are unusually cruel or not.Any body who is responsible for showing Elephants these 3 ton wild creatures in large public gathering should have total control of the situation.They should have humane guidelines but finally safety requires that they do their duty flawlessly and with zero failure.

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