Friday, February 27, 2009

When General Mankshaw went to my mom and said yes madam i am Manek Shah

It must be early seventies My parents were celebrating Independence day parade from the presidential stands as guests of President V.V.Giri whose son had become friend of the family.My mom described it to me that in order to get attention of my dad and inform him that General Manek Shah was coming to their direction she made gesture to dad which is twist of thumb and index finger on the right hand side of the lips symbolising twisting of Mustache.General noticing this gesture(He was known for his handlebar mustache)went to mom and said yes madam I am general Manek shah.
He was the most celebrated military man of that time as Bangla Desh had been liberated by indian forces under his leadership.Indian armed forces accepted the surrender of 90000 Pakistani soldiers.
This story came to mind as I was reading the news of General Manek Shah's death at 94.He was a gentle giant .

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