Friday, February 27, 2009

Pakistan is in a pickle

Pakistan is going through one of the most difficult times since its inception .May be as difficult a time as 1970 Bengal war.Parallels are very similar and Erie.
Only difference is Mujibur Rehman had majority of the votes in whole country as Bengal had more citizens than west Pakistan.
Now Nawaj Sharif was prohibited to run for office .His brother ran and had largest number of votes and formed the government in the largest and most powerful province of Pakistan.
Pakistan judiciary has poor record and has been manipulated by all type of leaders. This time Mr Zardari has done extra judicial fiat and have abused power of judiciary to not only bar Mr Sharif but also his brother who is chief minister of Punjab.
This is like British used to do and in 2009 it would not play well.Deal in Swat has also shown to all the groups inside and outside Pakistan that it is still run like some individual fiefdom.It seems all these developments will bring the situation in Pakistan to a climax.Questions arise, will Pakistani military fight un-winnable and difficult war against fundamentalist or just make a deal.In the end they(fundamentalists) will get their pound of flesh.I am afraid Pakistan will get divided into brutal and less brutal states and power of central government will disappear.
Please remember a fact of history Pakistani Soldiers in mass surrendered to Indian forces to save their hide.Most of these forces are good at intimidating ordinary citizens and are not able to fight the hard core terrorists.Pakistan needs support of its citizens for the democracy even if it is not exactly a benevolent state.People have voted against the fundamentalists now it is time that all the players in state preserve the democratic process so that life of ordinary citizen can be improved .It is also important to state that areas of Pakistan,Afghanistan,Iran and India have 1500 years or more close relationship and it is easy to develop that again for the benefit of public than develop relations with powers across Himalayas and Oceans.

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