Monday, March 2, 2009

About colonoscope

No body wants to talk about their colon scope.That brings me to the point, why i am writing about it any way.I had my colon scope today.I did not think i needed it.But my physician and great friend Dr Amrut Patel insisted after i had avoided it for a year or so.I did not think i needed it as we do not have history of colon trouble and i have been vegetarian for many years. I have great respect for Dr Patel's medical judgement.So i agreed to have it done.
The procedure requires complete colon cleansing before test is performed .It involves taking of strong laxatives and a mixture of laxative dissolved in water to clear all the waste out of colon.(same as getting all the shit out of the system).
Which is fine .I was afraid i may not be able to do without food and drink,to my surprise it was no problem.And i have confidence that i can fast again .It might have some value to clear one's system.
I did not take my medication thinking they would not have any effect as they will be passed through. When i went for the test that gave all my bio signs very abnormal.They had to send me ti ER and get me intravenous medicines to bring my pulse and blood pressure under control.
So lesson is that you have to check exactly which medication you need to keep on taking while preparing for test.Please double check it if you take any medication.If you do not take any medication ,you are probably too healthy for such a test anyway.

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