Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pakistan.All the world wants you to take care of your house

Pakistan is going through a crisis of biblical magnitude.Attack on Cricket team from Sri Lanka is saddest example of worsening situation.Taliban and Al Qaeda we created are turning into Our Frankensteins monster.Looks like we have no control over them.They are actually continuously threatening India,Pakistan,Afghanistan, USA, Saudi Arabia,UK, Spain,EU and Russia,Philippines, Indonesia,Australia.Other countries will have harder time to deal with this menace.

World economic crisis has made the world financial system based on American consumerism collapse.China and most of the Asian economies can not depend totally on American consumer. He has lost unspoken amount of wealth and feels poor.American consumer will come back up but days of shopping for relaxation are gone.People are shopping their closets.Retuning what ever they can .

In this environment America has to find allies and solutions which are based on brain power,justice,human rights and individual rights not on Military or economic power.America has to remain largest trading partner of most of the countries to keep its influence. We need to work together and defeat powers who may want to stop our progress in any name.I see closer economic ties between India,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Burma,Sri lanka,Bangladesh,Nepal,Iran and expand that into whole of middle east.It is in the interest of us and the world.

In the new world economic order America buys less, Increase efficiency, lives simpler life and finds solutions to Oil use.Use of oil has not increased even when prices went down this is new phenomenon.We will find alternate energy sources and that will keep price of oil low for many years.Railways can be run on electricity.May be we will have to go back to more rail transportation.
Now world wants Pakistan to take care of its people .Teach its children ,provide minimum guaranty of security for its citizens.Do not provide safe haven for terrorist of any kind .World will help .If Pakistan can not do that, they will find hostility , isolation and despair.Sadly it is the only choice.

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