Tuesday, March 3, 2009

About Slums

Several years ago I had written a proposal to fix a slum as a test case for solving the problems of slums. Slums do exist near the center of most large cities .They are illegal properties as they have neither the support(official) of the city, state or federal govt of the country.Most of the slums are less than 50 acres and have none of the services provided by Government.Those are water,sewage,garbage pick up,electricity, health services and education for children.
As most cities do not accept existence of slums they do nothing for its residences.
When i sat down and planned a walkable city for this town with no cars and 3 or four storey housing for this complex with park ,play ground,health clinic,primary school with running water,sewage and electricity total cost of basic infrastructure was in less than 10 million dollars.
Actually any architectural school should take this as a project to design infrastructure for such a project.With fifty fifty public and private funding it should be put to test with a six month time to build and local labour should be hired to d the work.I can take this project and spend two years to develop and execute such a project.

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