Friday, March 20, 2009

Challenge of law to keep it simple and effective

Best laws are the one's which are simple to understand and by definition simple to follow.Lesser the number of restrictions(laws) better the society.
In the nuanced society the picture of law and justice is complex. It seems that we need lawyers to interpret innuendo of law.It is shame that our common sense and rudimentary understanding of constitution does not protect us from clutches of law.Something is wrong people who are lawyer say that often they this is not a legal advise or legal opinion .Consult your lawyer,as if we had a daily appointment with our lawyer at the coffee shop or grocery store.
I was surprised to hear for weeks CNBC talking heads(business) many of whom are lawyers had no opinion when saying a how bankruptcy would have effected the society if large banking institutions went bankrupt.They claimed ignorance on possible bankruptcy of auto companies as well.
I would feel better if they had brought some bankruptcy experts to discuss it.But they all failed in spite of having 24 hour access to TV channel.

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