Friday, March 20, 2009

Election commision should provide primary type elections

It is high time in India for political maneuvering.It involves horse trading of the highest order and lowest ethics and standards.To continue to accept it, is not to progress, to more democratic a society.Following actions, if taken by Election commission will go far for solving some of these problems.
  1. Every candidate to represent a constituency must be resident of it for at least 6 months .
  2. No candidate can contest two elections simultaneously as her concentration and residence should define how one wants to serve.This residency requirement should be by declaration and posting on the web by candidate at the appropriate time.
  3. A Political party affiliation system should be established as part of registration process including the unaffiliated category.Primary elections should be held three months before general election to chose the candidates from the parties.This will promote local service by national candidates and electing candidates from so called safe seats.
  4. Elections can be held every other year for one third of the country.This will increase the importance of regional election.
  5. All parties should create local development agenda for the election

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