Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IPL moved to South Africa

Sport diplomacy is powerful thing.Ping pong opened the relations between US and China.
Troubles in Pakistan and attack on Sri Lanka team in Lahore has brought issues of security in the forefront.
India is having prolonged election in April-May .In order to provide safe sport environment Indian Premier League has decided to shift its games to south Africa.South Africa was favored because of weather considerations over England.
There are many things happening in all this scenario.

Indian Premier league is not hung up on having its games played in India .Can anybody imagine China moving its premier league to a foreign country.

This will help India and South Africa improve business and political relations .All parties should work on it.

Games will be played at the most suitable time for Indian audiences similar to what happens to Olympics being played or relayed for largest ad market United States.

It frees Indian security forces from Player and Cricket game security so that they may focus on security for election.

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