Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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We fought in cold war Russian forces in Afghanistan through our proxy in Pakistan.Now they have taken hold of that region and Wahhabi's have radicalised the whole public.Tolerance has dis appeared from the region. Acceptance of difference has been replaced with total control and summary killings and torture. Art ,music.women's education are the causalities of this. Saudi Arabia and its system of Islam is mostly responsible for this change.Tolerance for Ahmedias as well as Baha'i and Shia's has extremely diminished.We have removed the intolerance by Sunni's in Iraq .There is fear that new form of intolerance by Shia is coming into picture.

Afghanistan is the backyard of India Pakistan Iran and former Soviet states.Taliban have attacked Sufi shrines and symbols of state .It is prime time that for the sake of life and soul of Pakistan and modernity we fight the common enemy terrorism and its supporters.

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