Friday, March 27, 2009

IT and Auto technology

Things are changing in the market place . American companies in us are out sourcing some jobs to technological savvy places like India.Soon by the way of supply and demand world wide price of all these services will come down somewhere in between American and Indian wages .That's not the end of the universe as we know it.Ford had reduced the cost of production and price of cars for American and world market almost 90 years ago.Today TATA is doing the same for Indian market and by proxy for world market.We should not discard this concept.It can be efficient commuter car.There is hope of getting a electric car conversion out of it and because of its size and weight it could serve that market by little tinkering very well.
Challenge for all of us is how to stay relevant.How we can encourage learning .Learning basics is not enough.Yes to be a good citizen we need to be informed and make contribution to the electoral process by voting and running for office.
Leadership in complicated scientific and social enterprises is equally important . we need to have large number of critical thinkers.It is a challenge for all societies to help develop leaders in all inclusive critical thinking ,where solutions can be simpler than the problem .We should do the doable now and impossible with simple solution may be sent to the lab.
It is important that America remains relevant in IT and Auto as it is the FATHER of both of these innovations

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