Thursday, March 26, 2009

us role in afgan/pak region

We have learned that as long as there are safe havens in Pakistan no power can control Afghanistan. We defeated Soviet invasion using this technique.Our good luck that India china Russia as well as Iran thinks that it is important to defeat Taliban and al Qaida for their benefit and the benefit of Afghan society.
It is important that we convince Pakistan that it will serve their interest to help in every way.For us it is clear that we can not give blank check to Pakistan and ISI to sabotage our agenda.China seems to have simple agenda of keeping all other powers occupied (entangled).All the nuclear proliferation in the world has been done by them .It includes Pakistani bomb,north Korean and even Iranian programs.Now they have made agreement with Pakistan to build nuclear reactors without even asking any waivers from NPT treaties.China has become beneficiary of American aid to Pakistan.They rely more on china for arms and advice.We will have to give our guided aid to Pakistan and use it as direct aid for education as well as development.We could buy stuff from India and supply it to Pakistan and Afghanistan and help all the parties involved.Need a new paradigm.
It is important that we take it seriously that because of very large trade with us China is becoming largest trading partner of many Asian countries.We should make an effort to stay number one trading partner to all the nations.Trade with China should be brought in balance that will improve trade with other economies.It seems we are forgetting that americas business is business and religion is individual freedom.

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