Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prisons and development

Prison population in us as of June 2006 was 2.25Million .To make the point it is almost the total population of Indian Americans in us that is every doctor ,engineer,it person,student , convenience store owner and worker,actually every Indian you may or not know in US.
Cost to take care of every prisoner is more than $100 per prisoner per day.In strictly governance point days of putting all the crooks in jail and throw away the key are gone and we can not afford it.More than half the criminals are for minor drug crimes including Marijuana use or the morality crimes of prostitution and gay sex. Punishing the crimes is costing us more than damage from the crimes.I am not suggesting we surrender to the criminal elements.We need to take care of our youth so they do not become criminals and provide them opportunities so they may become productive members of the society.

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