Monday, March 23, 2009

Yesterday visited uncle Raina

Yesterday while coming from Tushar's first birthday we stopped at the nursing home where Uncle D.N RAINA is staying .Had not seen him in years.
Uncle Raina is 82 years old now .This gentle man who had known our family whole of our lives .I was telling Deepica younger daughter of my younger brother Brij that uncle Raina has known him from the day he was born.
He told us that he was in hospital when his wife whom he called by her name brought the news that Satya Behn ji(mom) had a baby .He was also told that it was a boy whom they named Brij. Among all the living people he may be the only one present at his birth in the hospital.
When we have reached the nursing home he seemed a little uncomfortable and felt odd.Soon we all settled down BRij went and got another chair.Subhash and Vijay sat on those chairs and me and Brij sat on the bed with uncle Raina.
He asked about all the members of the family by name.I helped him by reminding him their names.
He became quite lively as we were ending our visit. he told us that at 4 to 5 pm they do Bhajan in gujrati and he believed these prayers still reach God .He was pleased and nostalgic about our visit. I remember after Dad's death how when he came toRhode Island and we started our own tradition of offering ashes of our deceased in American rivers. We mixed ashes of Mom and Dad and flowers and put them in the Blackstone river with whole family present.I remember it as a very solemn celebration performed under his guidance and i am very thankful to uncle Raina for this guidance and advice.

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