Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brains Computing

Human brain has a Peta bite memory.It is quite an efficient computer with about 12 watts of power supply.It is self healing mechanism .Learns by training, deduction, observation and experience.Carries its own mobile platform and well cushioned housing and capable best mobile arms with strong and sensitive holding devices(hands).Has various input and output devices Including capability to see and adjustable focus able eye with adjustable retina,Hearing, quite a large range capacity to hear and understand languages spoken by variety of sound equipment(larynx and throat).Capacity to analyse and verbalise through vocal cords.Add to all this the wonders of smell ,touch and taste.
Attachment to this brain has its own power plant which can convert complex and simple hydrocarbons(foods) into nutrients and discard the unwanted materials as human waste.
This machine while taken care in early youth by its Parents(source of its origin) can survive for up to hundred years.For sure it is a miracle machine.
Lets go back to the computing power aloneTotal archived Internet has about 5 Peta bites of data.Human brain has 1 Peta bite .
To run a conventional computer of such capacity we will need to use Giga watt of power that's about what Boston uses.
May be, going forward computers will become more organic and run on vitamin fortified granola bars.

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