Monday, April 13, 2009

Direct aid for small business enterprises.

America (us) is going through a financial crisis .Like they say Crisis is a terrible thing to waste.
Small business are the heart and soul of the our economy.Entrepreneur ship is developed by doing and taking risk.Smaller businesses are classroom of much complex learning.It teaches families to work together and teach them to make changes which effect their lives directly.Initial Cost of starting a smaller business including financing is 150 thousand dollars.Start up capital for a well planned smaller business is $30,000(20%of total amount needed.
We subsidise education through high school to the tune of $10000 per year.It would be in the nations interest to give a grant of 25000 for every smaller business started.Second we can offer people starting smaller business collect unemployment if otherwise eligible.
Once a family goes into a smaller business it gets a whole family involved .One of the factors in the lives of highly successful people in US is that their parents were small business owners.Children get to see and learn the details of running business ,this knowledge stays with them .
This will give our nation a new set of business owners who can employ more people .These two suggestions will help more business at minimal cost than any of the schemes govt is implementing.

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