Sunday, April 12, 2009

Teaching tv Viewing

This is a historical time where TV has become a powerful medium. When TV first began it was simply by combining picture with radio in its infancy about 60 years ago. This sparked a great new world and a lot has changed in these years. Finally, it has become democratized in last ten years with invention of IT and inexpensive digital video cameras. We are victims of TV, more specifically, cable TV, for its mediocrity , appeal to voyeurism and conent that apeals to lowest among us. Most of our country's time is being wasted on this medium and we do not even know it. This loss of time can not be made up by any means.

In the case of our national youth, particularly in their formative years till the age of 20 or so, they spend 1200 hours a year watching TV. This is less than four hours a day. They become passive and are not spending time learning, creating and participating in group activities needed from our future leaders.

Now the time has come, technology prices have dropped. It is possible for the country to afford computers with high speed Internet for every child in the country. With convergence of technology the computer has become a tool for voice, data including books, video production and dissemination of all forms of communications.

So, in order to use these technologies we need to DEVELOP A COURSE IN STUDY OF TV as a medium of learning and empower all youth so that they may become better users of this medium for their benefit. They will learn how to get the right information on the computers and find guides who help them in using this media. We should have a weekly reading and viewing list for all children starting at grade 5 and younger children parent's must be provided the same so they may help their children.

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