Tuesday, April 7, 2009

India my colorful India

We do not need it but India is becoming a cousin of American legal system with all its warts. Arrest of Varun Gandhi on communal charges and Lalu Yadav's statement that he would have crushed Varun if he was home minister,adds to the special flavor of indian politics..A FIR was filed against him so he backtracked and explained his position.He is very shroud and is master of media he could not bear that Varun by being in prison was getting all the attention.
India is ripe with vote bank politics and this all is being played in that context.I think public can see through all these shenanigans .If a candidate(Party) chose to play development politics they would get majority.Media has created lot of noise and some sunshine.I hope new media or public blogs will democratise our process and release it from the clutches of high commands(partybosses)

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