Monday, April 6, 2009

Myth of American friends doing badly and enemies doing bell

Some people have signed on the misguided notion that being friends with America is bad for the development of a country.
This notion is promoted by saying see American enemy Japan and Germany have progressed well and allies from 2Nd world war like Philippines ,India have done poorly.Other recent examples are given and normally mentioned is that china not real friend but a communist country has done well while India a pluralistic democracy has struggled with development.At the same time it is mentioned that American ally Pakistan has suffered and has really done poorly for its public.It is also mentioned how poorly Iran ,American ally had done.Shah was not an example of open and benevolent ruler.
Now let us bust this myth
Japan and Germany were quite advanced societies before the war.After the war they were totally annihilated then choosing to become American ally with American help they became economical powerhouses.It is American friendship which should get the credit.
Now let us look at the Soviet union our ally in second world war chose to form its alliances to counter American influence by creating communist block which was atheist ,totalitarian and did not believe in individual freedom. Though soviet union matched us and allies in resources but could not match the innovation of free people.It continues to suffer not because of friendship but because of distrust and competition. It has done better as it is half way partner in western(American) business system.
China ,as china started moving towards joining American market and decided that it needed it to reduce influence of soviet union.By doing business and friendship with America it has really developed itself and is envy of the world. India while thinking itself as non aligned sided with soviet union and by proxy became part of anti American alliance .Only after dissolution of soviet union and America being the only super power.India found its democracy.Because of Internet, English as language of India as well pluralistic democratic society India became natural ally of us and has DONE WELL SINCE.

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