Monday, April 6, 2009

Reservation of seats in educational instituions in India.

It came to attention recently that 67% of seats in all higher learning institutions in Tamil Nadu are reserved ,that means they belong to one or other special underpriviledged group.These groups can be as varied as tribal, backward tribes,Scheduled caste(formerly untouchables) or any other special set aside group.If you happen to fall out of this group god have mercy on you.You have only 30 percent of seats to compete for higher education.
Other than this strange arrangement the education system sets up majority of nation on a path of failure. Rather than educate students for learning and then for professions .It has made specialisation the norm and students choices are reduced by grade 9 to five subjects.Focus is on learning chemistry,math,English,Hindi ,(Physics for engineering,biology for medicine).then other subjects like liberal arts are lumped together .
Admission to medical or engineering schools is after 10+2 years of schooling and more than hundred thousand students appear for entrance exam and only few hundred seats. balance of the students may never use their learning.when you belong to non reserved community, seats you are competing for are very mall in number . This has created a lot of frustration in the society.As a nation India must look at this problem a fresh after 60 years of independence.Equality requires that every child born has the same opportunity as any other on the basis of natural capacity.It is understandable if a helping hand was given on the basis of financial resources of the individual.

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