Saturday, April 4, 2009

Islam has failed to safeguard its own minorities

Islam has not protected minority Muslims it may be Sunni in Shia majority areas or Shia in Sunni majority areas .This is the saddest part of the religion which has over billion followers.

It is agreed that Shia have more rights and are better protected in Secular India than in any other Islamic country other than Iran where they are in majority and are the rulers.Attacks on Shia Mosques in Pakistan ,Iraq ARE WELL DOCUMENTED.After Saddam Iraq and its neighbors look in the terms of Shia and Sunni dominance .They have fought and killed each other for over 1400 years after Mohd. Tribalism is very strong in Islamic middle east .
India in its long history has been invaded by forces from Alexander ,Genghis Khan, Moguls Turk's,British,Portuguese and dutch.It has been ruled by all the above and many local groups as well.After Independence she is trying to develop a system where all parts of the society can work together and help the weakest among the society.
China's success in creating goods and services in most efficient manner is a role model for the development.They have taken advantages of State capitalism and benefited the society.Can India do better with its knowledge and experience of thosands of years is still unknown.

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