Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ted's funeral

Somebody said he did not have to worry about money.He had no philosophical bone ,no interest in bigger question of life.Yet have served with PAY till the last day even though last year and half was as a sick person dying.some may say rich are different .Yes they always get paid.

Four presidents with wives are attending. In the Bascilica of our lady of perpetual help with more than 12 hundred invited guests and several hundred members of Kennedy clan are present.

Honorary Pall bearers who are not members of the family are outside.

Funerals are somber occasions and makes you ponder and think and absorb and reminds what Confucius said about manhood at its best.When attending the funeral, eats less that day in honor of the dead and after observing the ritual says very well ,very well indeed.

As Kennedy was former soldier he is being provided military funeral with its protocols and as Senator and Kennedy they are doing every honor for him.

It is raining for last half hour a steady rain just short of poring rain. Making it more a somber ocasion.

We are equal in America, not, in death for sure.

You only attend others funerals.

Organ is playing ,as casket is brought into church Known for healing sick.A grand Catholic church indeed. It is stated that celebrants of the mass are two priests one who founded Boston college university and other Mr Silva who is of the Indian Descent.( i always think melancholy is common among Irish and the Indian)

After Removing the flag (US) from the casket it is given to the church for final ritual.

Not air conditioned church is serving the venue for his last rites.Special fans were brought in for comfort.Rain helped to bring heat down.

Senator Kennedy's ex wife reached the church ahead of the family and greeted dignitaries .His current wife placed a church cloth with help of family to proceed with ritual.

In the church his Pall bearers were members of family, sons, daughter, wife and others.Presence by women is well noted by the author.

Patrick looked and behaved well ,i guess in matters of ceremony they are good.Patrick is Troubled congressman (son)from from Rhode Island .

I noticed one of the Pall bearers was Caroline Kennedy. Daughter of Jack (John ) Kennedy,the Kennedy brother who was president of UNited States of America.

One side of church was family and other side was President and the row behind Bill Clinton and Hilary.President Carter and his wife was seated next to Mr and Mrs Biden in the front row. President Bush and Barbara was sitting behind Biden and his wife next to Clintons .May be they were seated latest to most recent in order of presidency.

Kennedy's step children were also pall bearers Curran Raclin did first reading from bible.Kara Kennedy daughter of ted gave response to the reading.


Caroline Raclin did offer the second reading. First time nation is watching Ted's step children.

It was said that Ted came and prayed in this church while his daughter was sick and his choice of this church show's the respect and affection he had for this church.Parish priest was the most important celebrant in church . Cardinal participated in the mass . Very visible by his red attire.

Role of Boston in America is very important. Now through last 50 or so years it has become permanently connected with this family.

Kennedy's for sure have gift of words( i do not know if they have great helpers)in public setting.

The nephews ,nieces and grand children gave nice tribute using his(Ted's) words.

YO YO Ma gave a cello performance.While preparation for Eucharist were done assisted by 4 younger members of the family.

It was interesting that after the ritual Mrs Vicky Kennedy went and greeted presidents Obama,Clinton Mrs Clinton,halfway and went to president Carter who was seated and greeted him and Mrs Carter.I am writing about all these just to show the protocols followed and respects shown.

Placido Domingo's and YO YO Ma performed a beautiful hymn while people were taking Eucharist.

A chorus with organist played "let nothing grieve thee".

Ted Jr gave a fitting tribute . really thanked the participants and specially the presidents>sr. he had lost his leg at age twelve Senior encouraged his son to achieve every possible goal and instilled hard work to achieve high goals.Melville ,Hawthorne,Waldon's pond places were visited by the family.He told about importance of history. He was grateful that he had his father so long.He said nice worlds to republicans for there sacrifice in the service of America. One of the Better speeches and eulogies

Presidents eulogy i missed but i was reminded by the AP article that it was Ethel wife of Robert Kennedy who straightened out the cloth on the casket during the prayers as it was not straight.

I remembered that how this man was un apologetic for the death of Kopechki girl forty some years ago.I have never respected the sense of entitlement Kennedy's have felt.May be with the end of last politician of Jack Kennedy's generation we will choose leaders not on pedigree.

It would be nicer if rich served public office without pay as they do not need the money.

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