Thursday, September 24, 2009

Khaddafi at UN (my view)

Khaddafi at United nations in new york.It is funny that he spoke at the UN and almost tore down its charter .The drama was fun to watch .He spoke for 98 Minuit's. Said that security council was against the UN charter and presented new security council which i had suggested in one of my previous blogs.Funny how a broken clock is still correct twice a day.I agree in principal with Khaddafi on the restructure of Security councilor he agrees with me as i had written about it in an earlier blog.

He did not like India joining as a permanent member of security council.May be he still thinks about his dreams of pan Islamism.He still finds India's secularism and multiculturalism as a challenge.

He wanted the benefits of the democratic processes of the general assembly .He had never given rights to the citizens of Libya which he is asking from the world body. Now Libya is president of the general assembly that tells one that it protects rights of the dictatorships in this century while equal rights for all and women's rights ,human rights remain only a slogan.

He was correct In on sense that he said addressing all the member representatives they come and talk and boast and go home.Words of UN has little action and power in them.In spite of UN existence for more than 65 years world has not benefited much.On clear analysis it may appear that the dictators have benefited more than the ordinary citizens of the world.Did it provide some power to the defeated parties of the second world war?Benefits have been of littlevalue .May be it kept the hope alive at times against the real odds.So may be we can call it an organization of hope.

Khaddafi even claimed Obama as native son of Africa.This embrace by a villain can not be much welcome.Obama has higher burden than be smitten by this flattery.


  1. Thaughts?

    98 Minuit's? Minuit comes once a day in France (or would that be once a night?) Did he speak for 98 days?

    oh, yeah, learn when to use an apostrophe.

  2. Thanks for paying attention.My spellchecker goofed(that is me)please send me correct spelling or usage as i belong to Dan Quale school of spelling.
    How do you spell no it is potatoe.

    what is Minuit in France which comes once a day or night

  3. So he spoke for 98 minutes.He did not care who was waiting.Mr Minuit bought Manhattan for 24 dollars from the Indians.Both were very smart.Indian did not own it and Mr Minuit was just giving him trinkets. But he kept the Island passed on.