Thursday, September 24, 2009

producer of OUTSOURCED at uri.John jeffcoat

John Jeffcoat discussed his journey to Nepal as a young man and then as little older person and producer director of the film to India. Was a candid story .His film is very funny and puts many things in perspective.

The irony of the situation ,things have gotten stranger in the meantim .I know this friend who is an Indian techy in america(short term worker) was training these chinese techies in his job in America so that his job here would be sent to China for lower cost.
Mr jeff coat would get a kick out of it for sure .

What you would call it out sourced square.Outsource outsourced.
Good thing about outsourcing is that technology stays and is shared at least in the technology field.In products some times whole manufacturing and supply chain has completely left the country.

China has reputation to sell products with aquired technology to other buyers without giving benefit to the original developers.

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