Monday, September 7, 2009

Mega Indian Wedding feb 2004,

Mega Indian wedding.I was reading story in BBC .It was quite fascinating. It was weddings of Sahara groups owner Sabarato Rao's two sons.Ten thousand guests were flown in (he owns a large airline in India) to Lucknow a city in central India.
Variety of celebrities from all over the world participated including politicians .Prime minister of India and business tycoons. Bollywood and sports stars were well represented among the guests.
Most important part of the gift of the family was a gift of wedding for 101 couples and a gift of five thousand dollars each. this was for sure a nice gesture which meant a lot for the recipients.

And two days later 140,000 poor were fed across the country in celebration of his younger sons wedding.

Wedding was extravagant to the nth degree but the concept of doing something for lesser privileged among us is really commendable.

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