Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some thing about President Pratibha Patil of India

It is facinating to note that first woman president of India is taking an active role in the development of India. she is playing a much more important role than all the prevoious presidents of India had done.

I am not talking about politics but of the things which matter,human development,girl power and rights,education and even international relations.Her soft diplomacy has been vital to develop ties with important nations where indias ministers can not spend enough energies and time .She is the power, by spending a week at a time in a country she has braught respect to the office of the president and truely helped the government in doing tasks assigned to it. I am impressed how she has visited central asian and other not so sexy but vital nations in the region.By her visits indian public also gets a lesson in geography and civics of tthe world.

Her ease and confidence in travels to all these capitals of the world showes the strength of this woman. I am proud of what she has done and am sure prestige brought to office of President Of India will serve the nation in the long run.

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