Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Peace flags at the heritage festival.

Last Sunday i participated in the 32 heritage festival at Rhode Island state house lawn.Their was a unique booth with a vibrant hostess part of a lager kids booth .On the other side kids were getting their faces painted and on this side young children were painting with ink markers.This young woman had a nice way with as young as 3 she gave them pieces of cloth 12"x12" very colorful and asked them imagine how it would be in a peaceful world and draw it .

I looked through work of these many anonymous kids. i was quite impressed by the imagination of these children .I remember one child's work he had put a peace symbol in the middle and had written imagine bold and clear and asked from many different Boothe's to write imagine in different languages of the world .I know he had In Hindi(Devanagari script).it seemed like there was a discussion among many people for a correct Hindi word for imagine then they used some word with consensus.I do not know if the script writers(scribes ) of other languages had similar difficulty.He had written in Kanji script (Japanese)as well as Chinese( i am not sure which script). His vision made an impression on me.

Other one i remember was must have been very young child who made a human face ,sky, mom. Its random character made me think may be peace is random and very personal .
These peace flags will be displayed on 20th September at a RISDI (Rhode Island School of Design)event .

When i was asked to draw a peace flag my sixty year old mind drew a blank.My inability to imagine and draw froze my action and i could only admire these creations of young.I am very proud and hopeful for the coming times as the creation of these young have shown that they are strong and creative and not afraid to make mistake as i .

I would only hope the powers that may be can look at my this blog as a PEACE FLAG IN WORDS.

This concept of listening music as a form reading i have borrowed from my daughter Sabrina. Which i have modified to peace flag in words.

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