Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why i read Dawn

I find "Dawn" quite refreshing and informative.It hasthough pakistani slant to the commentary ,but they pick inetresting topics to report on.

one of the best reporting on minority rights and their plight can be found in Dawn.

News about happenings in Jammu Kashmir showing conflict are plentiful.News happenings looking at unusual progress in india is a unique factor ,it may be away to goad pakistanis to improve their relations among themselves or to improve by competing with indians.

News about costitutional issues in pakistan and its relations with the world and analysis are very interestin.Though i love to read A.Q.Khan in Jang group .dawn does better than jang for general news.

I like the format of their website .

Easy to read .

Forums and editorials are more prominent than even Hindu other paper i love to read.

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