Monday, September 28, 2009

Take a free Harvard University course in Philosophy(I)

The first lecture is combination of two actual lectures.Professor ,author is Mr Michael Sandel who is teaching" Justice; whats right thing to do."He says it is explaining what we already know and believe.

The format of the enquiry is Socratatic and somewhat like a guided mute court arguments.Students learn from Aristotle,Kant ,Locke and Mills.
Lectures deal with many contemporary issues using the tools extended by the philosophers of the past and promoted by arguments of the young students (who by the way pay more than hundred dollars per lecture in Harvard (free to you ) only for watching in comfort of your chair.

1000 students attended this lecture at a cost of 100 thousand dollars to them.They did not pay this lecture as such .This is my calculation based on tuition fee divided by number of lectures attended by students per year .Actual figure may be higher as i did this calculation several years ago.
It is wonderful presentation and easy to follow.I have not bought the materials .Hope they are downloadable.

Free is nice at a time when it seems all the media companies want to monetise (by our time or money)every thing which they have not even created.If any costs i will post.

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