Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My comments on Farzana-varsey.blogspot.com about Marc Quinn

Very nice blog.
What is the purpose of Art .Is it to create controversy,money,learning,promotion of material form .Marc Quinn has succeeded in doing first two and that gives him freedom to follow any whim he may have.
Would i call his works( from the examples you have depicted voyeuristic ? yes yes yes. Kate Moss is depicted in the face, crotch sexuality not even disguised as some tribute to art of yoga.An orange lungi might have done that.
A pregnant Madonna and besides armless falls in the same category.
Are not these modern freak shows disguised as Art( not counting the skill of the artist).
Sorry if i sound dated i have not partaken much art lately other than at the temple of Farzana.
Just want to tell all of my fellow readers that Smithsonian the National Museum of United States in Washington DC is free for all.It got started by donation of Mr Smithson more than 150 years ago.Besides all the services(food novelties etc) are very reasonably priced as these institutions are thought as part of national heritage and get private and public support.
I had paid about 10 franks(then currency of france) at the Louvre in 1971.
I am saying this as many Americans do not even know and some times find it hard to believe that such a premium institution can be free.
Smithsonian has acres and acres of artifacts , curators and interpreters of the all works from minerals, history, airspace.Did I mention it, it is all free.My favourite Darshan and Prasad only for seeking.

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