Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two lovers kill themselves as girl was to be married to somebody else

THe news from Tribune paper from Chandigarh Punjab tells about two young lovers committing sucide as they thought that they could not get married as girl was supposed to be married to somebody else.It is sad that we do not have enough love for our children where they could share their innermost thoughts and loves .Two lives were wasted and a great loss to two families.Though Hindu scriptures say about marying the one you love in practice it is difficult and all parents do not accept it yet.AS i picked my wife or lucky for me she picked me i can say that i am not any worse of for this choice.Marriages are complex and some level of cooperation and love is needed to make them successful and sure blessings of good luck are badly needed for the success .

It is time that legal actions be taken against people who exploit and terrorise the young.All youth should be taught issues relating to marriage,child rearing and sex so that they may become responsible adults.

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