Thursday, October 29, 2009


Soviets and Americans left Afganistan and vietnam in humiliation respectively.

While America is studying its options in Afghanistan.They are shrinking and without the help broader international allies and the locals it may become a war without clear end .This type of stalemate we can neither afford nor the people of Afghanistan or Pakistan deserve.

We helped create our monster (Al Qaeda) and militarised the region .We (us,Saudi Arabia and Pakistani intelligence and military dictatorship is responsible for this monster.Now we have to kill it to defend ordinary people from its clutches.

Now we can not fight on behalf of afghan or Pakistanis nor we can let the enemies of humanity plan and carry out terror activity and subjugate ordinary citizens at the same time like some medieval bad movie.

So our choices are limited we need to train Pakistanis and Afghans with help of locals as well Indians and Iranians who have long term relations in the area.Let them defend themselves and help them in this fight.Help them improve education and quality of life in clear identified way so that Al Qaeda and Taliban can not get the credit for it our goal is that they do not succeed in intimidating locals..This development should be outsourced to India (at lower cost) and it will help India to develop capacity .Which is great for a democratic ally.Naturally reducing tension with Iran and using its structures to help in the region will also help us in achieving our goals.

We can not let our contractors bleed our system and our soldiers bleed.

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