Friday, October 30, 2009

" Allah" got banished from Bible.

Malaysia has banned use of word Allah for God by anybody other than Muslims.They forgot that Prophet Mohamed considered his religion to be continuation of the lineage started by Abraham,Moses and Jesus.Even when he was in conflict he did not think that God of Christians ,Jews and Muslims was different God.He did not destroy there places of worship.

He challenged Gods of other tribes and destroyed temples and representation of their icons . He made all sort of exceptions for Jews and Christians.May be it was his pragmatism.These tribes were strong and unified in conviction and state.He did not want to start unnecessary wars.Even a chosen messenger did not want a war against all.

Malaysia has chosen a different path.Will it lead to its isolation and create some sort of theocracy in this developing country.Hopes of the world are diminished where individuals will have freedom of thought and worship without fear in this part of the world.

Malaysia has confiscated 15000 bibles for they contained the word Allah for god against this addict.
Hindu's in this Muslim majority nation has protested demolition of their temples by authorities.Muslims form 60 percent of the population.Majority (Malay Muslims) are abusing its power against the religious minorities who are ethnic Chinese and Indians.

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