Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today is Halloween

Today is Halloween . I had to double check the spelling to make sure it was not Halloween.It is supposed to be some sort of pagan fest .I look at it as an American version of Lohri we had in Punjab .Other places in world might have other festivals where children dress up in costumes and visit other homes of strangers and friends .I enjoy that children can go and collect candies and sometimes other goodies.I may call it kids pig out day sorry candy gluttony day.

Some parents make it truly a fun occasion by hosting parties for adults and kids. Some elderly look forward to it with anticipation of watching children's faces light up with joy.It may be only time total strangers are welcome in American homes at least to the thresh hold.

I saw this little boy dressed as a Spiderman ,he was a little scared,His young mother told me that he was a scary Spider man. and she said that he was spooked by a monkey mask.This mother did not appear much older than 18.She was trick or treating with her son and a cousin of her age .They had bag for them as well as the little boy.And why not these were still children though were themselves pushed into adulthood by motherhood.

Some parents were just trick or treating to please children others for socialising.I just for fun and people watching.Lucky for me this year my wife is off her job as Halloween falls on Saturday this year.That happens once in seven years.Next year Halloween will be on Sunday.Cool.

My wife Lucy is enjoying it quite a bit.She bought candies ,pretzels and some fruit gummy bears.Her own idea to make healthy treats.

Kids are so cute and innocent .Even when they are playing tricks they have a charm about them.

I was asking my wife How it was when she was growing up in Portugal. She just told me that as kids they had ENTRUDO a day where people tried to scare each other just for fun I guess a version of April fools day.No candies were given.Then she said there was a day called paun por deus( bread for the name of god).Where children went door to door and people baked traditional Bolos(cakes)and gave to children some times they gave money also.She enjoyed the thrill of going out and receiving sweets.

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