Monday, November 2, 2009

October 2nd 2009,celebrations

Today is October 2nd which happens to be Mahatma Gandhi's birthday.He would have been 140 years old.He is proof of power of ideas and power of one mans conviction to undo injustice and win.

Good news for Afghanistan also .After a difficult election long recounts and almost 50 percent of the votes cast for him ,the election and country was thrown into turmoil and a run off was scheduled.To Karzai's credit he accepted this challenge and agreed to a run off election.His Opponent Abdullah Abdullah seeing the cards that he did not have a chance to win accepted the obvious out come and withdrew from the race and saved afghans and the world lot of blood ,sweat ,tears and months of uncertainty.He would be known in history who accepted the tideof events and helped nation to heal the wounds.I am impressed by Mr Karzai's demeanor and vision.Nice gift for the region on Gandhi's birthday.

On the similar note they unveiled a statue of Bill Clinton for saving the ordinary Kosovo citizens by sending forces at a critical time in history and saving that part of Europe from another Holocaust.Congrats again.

Congrats again to George Bush for his reaching out to India and ending the Nuclear apartheid against the largest pluralist democracy in the world.That is dawn of better relation and a major gift to the two largest democracies for all times.He was visiting India and renewing the friendship.Both nations are better off and the world will benefit for this vision of George bush .He will be considered in importance for India equal to Nixon's gesture for China.Passing of this nuclear deal in US congress as well as in Indian parliament is an example why democracy are poor models of efficient form of government.Communist almost hijacked the agenda on behalf of their masters in China.

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